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Mizuba Tea Co. Daily Mizuba Matcha
Mizuba Tea Co. Daily Mizuba Matcha
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Daily Mizuba Matcha by Mizuba Tea Co.

$16 Dough VIP | $20 Retail
Mizuba Tea Co. founder: Lauren
Your purchase supports Lauren -
founder of Mizuba Tea Co.


Making matcha a habit is easy with Mizuba's Daily Matcha.
Mizuba Tea Co. personally works with their matcha producers to ensure that your tea is 100% authentic and pure, shade-grown, and stone-milled fresh from a generational farm in Uji, Japan.
This matcha's flavor profile can't be beat: smooth, balanced, and incredibly satisfying for each and every morning cup.

Mizuba matcha is non-GMO, and certified radiation & heavy-metal free.

values & communities

Ethically Made|Not on Amazon|Not on Faire|Vegan

founder story

Growing up, Lauren's mom always gave her a morning cup of tea before school. Instantly enamored, Lauren soon realized there was so much more to tea than just her morning mug and began her study of specialty tea while just in high school.

While on a trip to Japan, a frothy cup of matcha in Uji revealed to her the depth of Japanese tea's complex flavor profiles. What's more, the friendships she made over those cups of tea were just as wonderful as the quality of the tea itself. The experience spurred Lauren toward a dedication to studying Japanese tea and led her to found Mizuba Tea Co.


40g tin, 20 servings.


Matcha is shelf-stable for 12 months, unopened. Once opening, please keep your matcha in the fridge (we recommend the butter keeper!) to prevent oxidation and keep flavors fresh.

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