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Natalist The Lube
Natalist The Lube
Natalist The Lube

The Lube by Natalist

$20 Dough VIP | $25 Retail
Natalist founder: Halle
Your purchase supports Halle -
founder of Natalist
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Natalist’s FDA-cleared, fertility-friendly personal lubricant is formulated to simulate the natural environment where human sperm thrive—fertile cervical mucus. Unlike other lubricants, it will not harm or slow down sperm. Its clean, frictionless consistency guarantees baby-making will be pleasurable for all.

(1) Single-use packets (5 mL each) for home or travel
(2) Water-based, viscosity-balanced, pH-balanced, and isotonic to protect the little guys
(3) Made without parabens
(4) Satisfaction guaranteed ✨

values & communities

Made in USA|Organic|Vegan

founder story

Meet Halle. Her own personal fertility journey opened her eyes to the enormous opportunity to rebuild the entire experience for families.

It took Halle over four years and a good deal of science to become a mom. During those long months of repeated negative pregnancy tests, Halle felt disconnected from her body. She was lost in a sea of junk science on the internet, as well as products that just didn’t speak to her as a millennial woman. Halle wanted to build a brand that helps women cut through the noise while making the experience a little more beautiful and special.

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