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Yoganotch Yoganotch Yoga Trainer
Yoganotch Yoganotch Yoga Trainer
Yoganotch Yoganotch Yoga Trainer
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Yoganotch Yoga Trainer by Yoganotch

$239.20 Dough VIP | $299 Retail
Yoganotch founder: Eszter
Your purchase supports Eszter -
founder of Yoganotch
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Meet Yoganotch. A personal yoga assistant that gives audio feedback on your alignment, when you practice yoga at home.

Yoganotch is a wearable that provides live guidance for your yoga practice through virtual classes, an iOS app, and wearables that analyze your body's position in 3D in real-time. It will advise you to "tuck your tailbone" if it senses that your Warrior II alignment could be improved!

Practitioners have described Yoganotch as having an invisible teacher that accompanies you through your yoga journey and works for all levels of practice with feedback focused on safety and taking your anatomy into account.

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founder story

During her competitive swimming years, Eszter often wondered what made fish such excellent swimmers. It puzzled her so much that while working in a biorobotics lab, she developed a robotic fish that swam like a real fish. Inspired, Eszter shifted her focus to human motion.

Together with an NYU classmate, Eszter developed Notch, a wearable 3D motion capture system, used by thousands of researchers. The duo quickly realized their motion sensors are the perfect yoga companion.

Yoganotch is much more than a yoga app: it empowers you yo analyze your technique and track your personal yoga journey.


"Simply the best solution for those who want to continue (or begin) their yoga practice" - Audrey, Yoganotch Practitioner

Yoganotch is Wired's "personal pick", Yahoo's "best tech", and Smithsonian Magazine's "remarkable invention" of the 2020 CES.

In The Box:
4 Motion Sensors
- MEMS Sensor Technology
- Splash-Proof / Water-resistant
- Rechargeable Battery: 6h+ Operation

- Adjustable Wearable Straps
- Charging Dock
- Carrying pouch
- Phone Stand
- Charging Cable


1 Year Warranty

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