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Cacao Laboratory Four Sacred Element Cacao Blends
Cacao Laboratory Four Sacred Element Cacao Blends
Cacao Laboratory Four Sacred Element Cacao Blends
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Four Sacred Element Cacao Blends by Cacao Laboratory

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Cacao Laboratory founders: Florencia + Fede
Your purchase supports Florencia + Fede -
co-founders of Cacao Laboratory
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You’ll find that cacao is not just food, but a journey. One that is heart-opening and playful. Simply set an intention before consuming and you will find that there’s more to chocolate than you thought.

Ceremonial Cacao is made from rare heirloom and land-raised varieties of cacao, grown on regenerative farms. Cacao Laboratory sources high vibrational cacao with the highest nutritional content for use in ritual and ceremonies.

The Sacred Elements Cacao Blends were created to help you harness the qualities of each of the four sacred elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

Each blend combines spices and herbs with Cacao to provide a unique experience. Includes instructions on how to perform the sacred ritual of a cacao ceremony as well as access to a guided meditation that will assist you in your journey.

values & communities

Eco-Friendly|Ethically Made|Not on Faire|Organic|Vegan|#IndigenousGoddess|#LatinxPower|Woman Of Color

founder story

When Florencia visited Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, to study metaphysical practices, she had a transformational experience at a cacao ceremony. After returning to New York, she partnered with her brother, Fede, to found Cacao Lab, bringing ceremonial cacao to the United States. Sourcing trips led the duo to Guatemala and Ecuador, where they found high vibrational cacao that honored the land and Mother Earth.

P.S. Florencia leads ceremonies and educational offerings, working with Nana Marina Cruz, a Mayan wisdom keeper from the T’zutujil community, the keepers and guardians of ceremonial cacao.


Earth Element: Nourish Your Roots
Ingredients: Theobroma Cacao, Chipotle, and Moringa.

Water Element: Invoke Creativity
Ingredients: Theobroma Cacao, Maca, and Coriander.

Fire Element: Ignite Your Passion
Ingredients: Theobroma Cacao, Damiana, Turmeric, and Black Pepper.

Air Element: Invoke Compassion
Ingredients: Ceremonial Cacao, Hibiscus, Cardamom

(1) 4, 3.53 oz bars.
(2) Unlike cocoa powder, ceremonial cacao has not been defatted and requires warm water and thorough blending for it to mix well.


Cacao Lab does not add emulsifiers to their cacao. This may lead to naturally occurring fats in cacao to separate from the solids and create white spots or a thin white layer on your cacao. This is called blooming and is normal. The properties of the cacao remain intact and its quality does not change.

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