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Becalia Botanicals Cafe con Leche Whipped Coffee Body Scrub
Becalia Botanicals Cafe con Leche Whipped Coffee Body Scrub
Becalia Botanicals Cafe con Leche Whipped Coffee Body Scrub
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Cafe con Leche Whipped Coffee Body Scrub by Becalia Botanicals

$20 Dough VIP | $25 Retail
Becalia Botanicals founder: Jazmin
Your purchase supports Jazmin -
founder of Becalia Botanicals
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"Cafe con Leche (kaf-AY con leh-CHeh) was inspired by a dream of a memory I have with my Abuela Rebecca when I spent my summers in Mexico as a child. My grandmother would wake up early in the morning to make Cafe de Olla. She'd make me a cup of mostly steam milk while we sat outside and waited on the sweet bread vendor to come by." - Jazmin

Becalia Botanicals' whipped coffee body polish will exfoliate, moisturize, and awaken your skin.

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Cruelty Free|Eco-Friendly|Handmade|Made in USA|Vegan|#LatinxPower|Woman Of Color

founder story

As Jazmin grew into adulthood, she began feeling detached from her Mexican heritage. She set out on a mission to create a skincare brand that incorporated and honored her Mexican roots.

With that, Becalia Botanicals was born, a Mexican inspired skincare company where Jazmin digs deep into her childhood memories and Mexican culture to create compelling, authentic, and natural skincare products.

These memories included Jazmin's love for Concha, a Mexican sweet bread, inspiring her to create Concha Body Butter, incorporating reminiscent scents: hints of orange, cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin.


How To: Use clean, dry hands, spoon, or spatula to scoop out product. Massage scrub in circular motions into warm, damp skin until sugar begins to dissolve. Allow to remain on skin for a few moments for absorption. Rinse off when desired.

Ingredients: Mango Seed Butter, Coffee Grounds, Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Vitamin E, Tapioca Starch


Disclaimer: Use caution as shower or tub may become slippery.

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