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Sunshinymoon Quilted Pink Swirls Period Kit
Sunshinymoon Quilted Pink Swirls Period Kit
Sunshinymoon Quilted Pink Swirls Period Kit

Quilted Pink Swirls Period Kit by Sunshinymoon

$39.20 Dough VIP | $49 Retail
Sunshinymoon founder: Sunshine
Your purchase supports Sunshine -
founder of Sunshinymoon


First period? Let's celebrate 🎉

Your daughter, niece, or friend would love to receive an individually handmade Sunshinymoon Period Bag, specially made with the first-timer in mind. Each bag is beautifully quilted and contains a variety of labeled products to try out. This roomy bag is the best place to stock up on favorites such as pads, tampons, and snacks.

The Sunshinymoon Period Kit is sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face.

Fun ways to use your Sunshinymoon Period Kit
1️⃣ Tuck in a special note each month to encourage the child and build self-esteem.
2️⃣ Replace contents with your personal favorite products, treats, and even activity materials such as nail polish.
3️⃣ Use the kit as an educational tool to help prepare the child for their first period.

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Handmade|Made in USA|Not on Amazon|Not on Faire

founder story

One day in the 4th grade, a plain-looking, statuesque woman came in to talk to Sunshine and her fellow classmates about menstruation. She doesn't recall much about what was said but remembers as clear as day the gift she received: a period kit. Sunshine couldn't wait to show her mother, who used the kit as a teaching tool, explaining the ins and out of the products inside.

Years later, Sunshine has set out to recreate her experience with Sunshinymoon, designing a line of one-of-a-kind period kits and wallets to empower first-timers with a positive, welcoming introduction to their period.


Each Sunshinymoon Period Kit includes:
- 1 Sunshinymoon Bag
- 7 Panty Liners
- 5 Regular Pads
- 3 Super Pads
- 1 Overnight Pad
- 5 Disposal Bags
- 2 Feminine Wipes
- 1 Treat (Candy!)
- 1 Sunshinymoon Vinyl Logo Sticker


1️⃣ Fabric print on zipper pull may differ from the pictured image.
2️⃣ Spot clean with soap, water, and a damp towel.
3️⃣ Approximate size: 5.5" X 6" X 4". The size of the bag may vary slightly due to being handmade.
4️⃣ The bag can not be sold separately.

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