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Studio Variously Aasana Throw
Studio Variously Aasana Throw
Studio Variously Aasana Throw

Aasana Throw by Studio Variously

$223.20 Dough VIP | $279 Retail
Studio Variously founder: Anjali
Your purchase supports Anjali -
founder of Studio Variously
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This textile is made up of a minimal stripe pattern that makes the artisanal design stand out. This piece is made entirely on an ancient pit loom. Hand-spun organic cotton has been used on ancient looms in rural artisan communities in India. Each piece is hand embroidered in the center to join the panels manually by artisans which makes it very unique. Fringes are neatly hand-rolled. The organic cotton used in this throw has been cultivated by using a rainwater harvesting process making it truly sustainable in nature.

The raw cotton has an earthly appeal. Requiring attention to detail and finishing, Aasana Throw luxuriously combines heritage value and high-quality craftwork and can be used as a throw or blanket in your living space; use as a bedspread in your personal space.

"For this throw, we are using only the highest quality soft, natural, old-world, hand-spun organic cotton yarn, which is later hand-dyed with eco-friendly dyes, free of toxic chemicals." -Anjali

values & communities

Eco-Friendly|Ethically Made|Handmade|Organic|Vegan|#AsianGirlMagic

founder story

Say hello to Anjali, a powerhouse in home decor. She pursued her design education from prestigious design schools in India and Italy and worked for 15+ years at design studios and fashion brands exhibited in India, the EU, USA.

Through her experience, Anjali understands the growing need for ethically made sustainable products, leading her to found Studio Variously.

At Studio Variously, Anjali forges unique artisan partnerships and explores modern design sensibility.


Size: 78" x 43" (200 cm x 110 cm)
Material: 100% organic hand-spun cotton
Colors: Red, Indigo, Black
Artisan base: Ethically and responsibly handwoven by artisans in India

What Makes Your Purchase Sustainable?
(1) 100% organic dyes used cultivated from natural elements like acacia
(2) Support employment of women artisans in villages
โ€‹(3) 100% handmade manufacturing process by artisans
(4) Use only 100% natural and biodegradable responsibly sourced materials
(5) Small batch production ensures higher quality and less waste
(6) Each product comes in reusable cotton pouches also made by Studio Variously artisans
(7) 100% rain-fed organic cotton used which is handspun
(8) Dyes are completely few of toxic wastes


Gently hand wash with cold water using mild detergents and hang dry or delicately dry clean only.โ€‹

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