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Oh So Sweet Scrubs Morning Latte Facial and Body Sugar Scrub
Oh So Sweet Scrubs Morning Latte Facial and Body Sugar Scrub
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Morning Latte Facial and Body Sugar Scrub by Oh So Sweet Scrubs

$12 Dough VIP | $15 Retail
Oh So Sweet Scrubs founder: Alicia
Your purchase supports Alicia -
founder of Oh So Sweet Scrubs
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Wake up your senses with this irresistible aroma first thing in the morning or before bedtime. You'll be amazed at the benefits of adding this facial/body scrub into your skincare regimen.

Flawless protection against the harsh seasonal elements and loaded with antioxidants, a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces puffiness. Enhances circulation and tightens your skin. Ideal for people with eczema, sensitive skin, and dark spots.

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Cruelty Free|Handmade|Made in USA|Not on Amazon|Not on Faire|Vegan|#BlackGirlMagic|Woman Of Color

founder story

When life gave Alicia lemons, she made a lemon sugar scrub πŸ‹

After the birth of her son, Alicia faced many challenges, both personal and professional. It became difficult for her to experience joy and she often felt she was not enough. She took the brave leap to make a change from within and set out on a passion project to make her very own skincare products.

Alicia's drive and passion for building a company she could call her own and, in turn, create wealth for her family led her to found Oh So Sweet Scrubs.


4 oz Facial/Body Sugar Scrub

Ingredients: Light Brown Cane Sugar, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 100% Colombian Ground Coffee, Jojoba Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Butter, Pure Vanilla Extract, and Pure Coconut Extract.

Directions to Use as a Facial Scrub: Dampen your face, gently add scrub in a circular motion. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes or your desired amount of time, rinse and pat dry. Your skin will instantly transform into soft and glowing skin.

Directions to Use Body Sugar Scrub: Apply to wet skin gently in a circular motion on desired body area, hands, feet, legs, arms, etc. Once you’ve got a good scrub, rinse, pat dry, and enjoy soft hydrated skin. Best to use in the shower. Use between 2-3 times a week if needed.


(1) Allergies: Approach this product with extreme caution, if you have allergies
(2) Avoid direct contact to eyes
(3) Oils can cause surfaces to be slippery
(4) Avoid getting water and moisture inside the jar as it provides an environment for bacteria to grow

Storage/ Shelf Life of Product:
(1) For best results please stir/mix scrub with the wooden or plastic spoon before each use
(2) Keep product in a cool dry place away from any hot or heated temperatures
(3) No need for refrigeration
(4) The shelf life of all sugar scrubs are 6-8 weeks

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