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Sweat Pretty Soap Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Soap Holder Dish
Sweat Pretty Soap Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Soap Holder Dish
Sweat Pretty Soap Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Soap Holder Dish
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Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Soap Holder Dish by Sweat Pretty Soap

$14.40 Dough VIP | $18 Retail
Sweat Pretty Soap founder: Carina
Your purchase supports Carina -
founder of Sweat Pretty Soap
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Things feel better when they last longer. The same goes for your soap.

This double layer soap dish keeps your soap dry and longer lasting while preventing soap scrum and mildew. Made of thick and durable bamboo fiber, this long-lasting soap dish is easy to clean and 100% eco-friendly.

values & communities

Eco-Friendly|Ethically Made|Handmade|Made in USA|Not on Amazon|Not on Faire|Social Impact|Vegan|#LatinxPower

social impact

Sweat Pretty Soap donates 3% of all profits to an organization whose mission is to stop domestic abuse for all.

founder story

Carina loves natural skincare and everything fitness, especially lifting in the gym, but has struggled with her skin. Suffering from dry skin her whole life and breakouts on her chest and back, there was nothing out there in terms of natural products formulated for women who sweat. Active women often don’t have nearly enough time during the day to work, hit the gym, spend time with family and friends, and properly take care of their skin through natural means. So Carina created a bar that exfoliates and cleanses to fight post-workout breakouts and reveal glowing skin.


Safe and Non-Toxic
Made from bamboo fiber and corn starch, without plastic or chemicals.

Easy to Clean
Sweat Pretty Soap's ceramic and bamboo soap dish holder is very easy to clean as the tray and base are two separate pieces, and soap doesn’t stick to the point it’s hard to pick up like most dishes.

Double-Layer Design
This double-layer soap dish is great to keep your soap dry after using it in the shower. Keeps soap bars clean and off of countertops.

Good for the planet
100% biodegradable in soil after 1.5 years.

(1) 13 cm (L) x 8.5 cm (W) x 2.4 cm (H)
(2) Weight: 81 g
(3) Color: Black

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