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The Noble Brand Amazonia Soy Candle
The Noble Brand Amazonia Soy Candle
The Noble Brand Amazonia Soy Candle
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Amazonia Soy Candle by The Noble Brand

from $15 Dough VIP | $18.75 Retail
The Noble Brand founder: Sydney
Your purchase supports Sydney -
founder of The Noble Brand
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Immerse yourself in the tropics with Amazonia. This scent opens up with top notes of green florals and plush green leaves that lead to a path of fig and jasmine. Journey deeper to discover base notes of light musk, wood, and moss to balance out the floral accords.

Note Profile:
(1) Top: Green Floral, Green Leaves, Ozone
(2) Middle: Fig, Jasmine
(3) Base: Light Musk, Wood, Moss

values & communities

Eco-Friendly|Ethically Made|Handmade|Made in USA|Not on Amazon|Organic|Vegan|#BlackGirlMagic|Woman Of Color

founder story

Sydneyโ€™s journey of self-discovery and self-love helped her understand what it meant to love and value herself. As she tapped into the essence of who she is, what makes her happy, and what makes her feel beautiful, she began to understand the love and beauty surrounding her. Sydneyโ€™s personal odyssey led her to the realization that she is royal, and everyone around her is royal, too.

Noble Brand was created so all can flaunt their crown and shamelessly own their truth through the practice of self-care, without feeling threatened by the next person doing the same.


Approx Burn Times:
4 oz: 20-25 hrs
8 oz: 40-50 hrs


The First Burn:
When lighting for the first time, burn the candle until wax melts across the entire surface up to the sides of the container as this will prevent tunneling, and create an even burn for the duration of the candle's life. This may take up to 2-4 hours, but it will make your candle last longer.

Trim Your Wick:
It is vital to the health and life of your candle. The Noble Brand recommends trimming your wick with wick trimmers before every lighting to a height of 1/4 inch. Keeping it this length will avoid mushrooming which can result in unnecessary soot. This also controls the size of the flame allowing you to get the most time out of your candle.

Keep Away from Windy Spaces:
Drafts decrease burn time, cause uneven burning, smoking, and diminished scent throw.

Don't Burn to Bottom:
If you keep burning your candle past the 0.5" mark, the flame will get too close to the base of the jar and might cause heat damage to the surface the candle is resting on and the jar itself.

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