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Soil to Studio Aditi Handwoven Block-Printed Linen Pillow
Soil to Studio Aditi Handwoven Block-Printed Linen Pillow
Soil to Studio Aditi Handwoven Block-Printed Linen Pillow

Aditi Handwoven Block-Printed Linen Pillow by Soil to Studio

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Soil to Studio founder: Swati
Your purchase supports Swati -
founder of Soil to Studio
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Handcrafted for a home that tells a story, Soil to Studio's linen collection is feminine and playful, makes a statement, and is a beautiful amalgamation of craft and design. Inspired by the vibrant colors worn by local communities in the Thar desert, the collection represents โ€˜The Great Indianโ€™ desert. The colors signify their culture, identity, and way of living.

Block-printed by a small workshop run by a nephew and uncle team, they are passionate about their craft. They say โ€˜noโ€™ to higher-paying factory jobs because this is what they identify themselves with โ€“ craft which their fathers and grandfathers mastered and passed it down to them. What seems like a simple stamping process, requires incredible skill, practice, and a very steady hand. Soil to Studio loves and supports block printed fabrics that tell a story of craftwork, human touch, and of the people and families behind the craft. By choosing this handmade piece, you help support rural artisan communities.

values & communities

Eco-Friendly|Ethically Made|Handmade|Not on Amazon|Organic|#AsianGirlMagic|Woman Of Color

founder story

We invite you to get to know Swati who was born and raised in a small town in northwest India and established Soil to Studio to bring Indiaโ€™s rich culture and artisan textiles to the world. As a child, she spent summers embroidering bedspreads with her mother and grandmother as they shared stories, techniques, and heritage with her. Swati grew up to become a banker, but the urge to create could not be ignored. Today, she follows her passion and is working with the craft communities in India, mastering weaving and printing techniques for her lovely creations.


(1) 16x16 inches / 18x18 inches
(2) 100% handloom linen
(3) Block-printed on both sides of the pillow
(4) Finished with exposed premium quality brass zippers and handmade jute tassels
(5) The pillows are made entirely by hand; slight irregularities are to be expected and celebrated
(6) Insert not included
(7) Made in India


Gentle cold wash with mild detergent recommended.

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