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Callio Fragrance Amelia Perfume
Callio Fragrance Amelia Perfume
Callio Fragrance Amelia Perfume

Amelia Perfume by Callio Fragrance

from $18.40 Dough VIP | $23 Retail
Callio Fragrance founder: Melissa
Your purchase supports Melissa -
founder of Callio Fragrance
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Amelia is a sweet blend of blackberries, red rose, and vanilla.

values & communities

Cruelty Free|Handmade|Made in USA|Not on Amazon|Vegan

founder story

If you love the scent of fresh flowers or maybe the aroma of a delicious treat from your local bakery, the whiff of an ocean breeze or the fragrance of just picked peaches, Melissa created Callio Fragrance for you.

After searching for a scent that she could wear every day, Melissa began experimenting with oils to blend fragrances that reminded her of all the things she loved and established Callio Fragrance. All of her fragrances are hand-poured in her NYC studio and are never tested on animals.


(1) Travel Spray: 0.33 ounce
(2) Full Size: One ounce

Fragrances come in a glass bottle with a spray top and are hand-poured in Callio Fragrance's studio in NYC.

Never tested on animals.

Specially Denatured Alcohol 40B, Hexylene Glycol, Fragrance, and Aqua


Please store your fragrance in a cool, dry spot.

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