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Lava Linens Lava Classic Travel Towel
Lava Linens Lava Classic Travel Towel
Lava Linens Lava Classic Travel Towel
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Lava Classic Travel Towel by Lava Linens

$78.40 Dough VIP | $98 Retail
Lava Linens founders: Sheila + Caitlin + Mary
Your purchase supports Sheila + Caitlin + Mary -
co-founders of Lava Linens
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You’ll look forward to getting dirty so you have an excuse to use your Lava Classic over and over again.

More absorbent per square inch and faster to dry per ounce than microfiber, the Lava Classic is the only large, quick-dry travel towel that doesn’t shed microplastics when used and washed.

It is comparable in size to a bath towel and it is far more compact and adaptable.

After a long day outdoors, there's nothing like getting clean and dry with a fresh, soft towel. Whether you're home or away, you'll want to keep this towel nearby always.

values & communities

Eco-Friendly|Ethically Made|Handmade|Made in USA|Not on Amazon|Not on Faire|Organic|Social Impact

social impact

For every product purchased, Lava Linens plants one tree in partnership with One Tree Planted.

founder story

"It's the perfect towel for eco-conscious adventurers who demand premium gear that is gentle on the Earth."

In preparation for a backpacking trip, Mary sought a travel towel that would last the entire year, require minimal space in her pack, dry quickly, and stay odor-free. She soon discovered that linen, from the flax plant, was the perfect material—it's quick to dry, highly absorbent, antimicrobial, and ultra-durable.

Mary loved her linen towel so much, in fact, that after only one month of traveling, she invited her mom and sister along on the journey to bring Lava Linens to fruition.


• Dimensions: 27” x 45”
• Weight: 17 oz
• Rolls to the size of a 32 oz water bottle
• Absorbs 22 oz
• One organic hemp hanging loop

• Sustainably made by hand with responsibly sourced natural fiber materials
• Masters of Linen certified
• Reinforced edges and seams
• Biodegradable material
• Hypoallergenic
• A denser weave than all other linen towels on the market (Linen Weight: 485g/m2)


• Machine wash on gentle cycle with like colors.
• Use a mild, eco-friendly detergent.
• Use water up to 60 degrees.


• Handwash using a gentle swishing motion.
• Make sure to mix the detergent in the water prior to adding the towels.
• Do not twist or pull the linen.

• Do not use bleach.
• Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. They may inhibit the absorbency of the towel.

• Dry on low to medium heat or hang to dry.
• If hanging to dry, resist wringing it out first as this may damage the fibers. Instead, simply squeeze out the water using your hands without twisting the fabric.
• Do not hang in direct sun for long periods of time. Full sun may result in fading and deterioration of the fibers.
• To soften the towel after hanging it to dry, shake it out and rub the towel against itself a few times.

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