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Rogue Paq Cannabis Full Ritual Gift Set
Rogue Paq Cannabis Full Ritual Gift Set
Rogue Paq Cannabis Full Ritual Gift Set

Cannabis Full Ritual Gift Set by Rogue Paq

from $199.20 Dough VIP | $249 Retail
Rogue Paq founder: Jessica
Your purchase supports Jessica -
founder of Rogue Paq
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The Rogue Paq full gift set was composed to celebrate the art of ritual. Every tool is both functional and beautiful and corresponds in finish with your carrying case.

"We have painstakingly designed and selected instruments and accessories which fit snugly and securely inside your Rogue Paq cannabis carrier. We believe that the gift of ritual, whether to yourself or someone else, is an act of pure love." -Jessica

values & communities

Not on Amazon|Not on Faire|Vegan

social impact

100% of the proceeds of Rogue Paq's Gives Back Bundle are donated to organizations like Last Prisoner Project and National Bail Out.

founder story

New York wardrobe stylist and Goldman Sachs alumna Jessica was working with power broker and influencer clients, ensuring their aesthetics were highly cultivated. They looked fabulous until she discovered them carrying their ritual in vessels like old pencil cases, which was completely unacceptable to Jessica. She saw the need to refine the carrying case and Rogue Paq was born.

Rogue Paq is a design-forward brand of cannabis carriers, tools, and accessories for those who value aesthetics and ritual in equal measure.


Rogue Paq Full Set Includes:
(1) Ritual case in leather or vegan leather
(2) Vianel butane lighter in black lizard skin or black and gold snakeskin
(3) Stainless steel gold-toned hemostats clip/packing tool
(4) Stainless steel gold-toned crane trimming scissors
(5) 2 Rogue Paq signature SendNudes matches
(6) 3 UV glass storage vials
(7) 1 Grease pencil in white for labeling glass storage vials
(8) 1 pack all-natural Rogue Paq signature hemp rolling papers in king slim


Wipe exterior with a clean, damp cloth. Brush interior with a clean, soft, dry brush.

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