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Beloved Packs  Hot and Cold Therapy Rice Pack
Beloved Packs  Hot and Cold Therapy Rice Pack
Beloved Packs  Hot and Cold Therapy Rice Pack
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Hot and Cold Therapy Rice Pack by Beloved Packs

$24 Dough VIP | $30 Retail
Beloved Packs founder: Vida
Your purchase supports Vida -
founder of Beloved Packs
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These reusable hot + cold therapy packs are for natural pain and stress relief. Each pack is filled with rice to retain your desired temperature. Warmed up they help to increase circulation and when applied cool they aid in decreasing inflammation.

Use For: Backaches, stiff joints, cramps, pre + postpartum pain, arthritis, bumps and bruises, cystic acne, tense shoulders or just to relax after a long day.

values & communities

Handmade|Made in USA|Not on Faire|Vegan|#BlackGirlMagic|Woman Of Color

social impact

Beloved Packs goal is to continually seek out, highlight and support organizations that promote healing of the mind, body and soul.

founder story

Say hello to Vida ✨Passionate about nutrition, exercise, and emotional healing, Vida created her line of reusable hot + cold therapy packs, Beloved Packs, as a simple and effective tool for pain and stress relief, and bonus, a great gift for family and friends.

Vida's mission is to promote healing of the mind, body, and soul. Using Beloved Packs is one way to combat daily stress, minor aches, and pains; a simple self-care practice that contributes to healing and recovery, a reminder you are beloved.

Fun fact: The brand name inspiration stems from the Hebrew meaning of Vida; Beloved One.


A 16" x 8", 100% cotton washable sleeve, along with a three channeled insert filled with jasmine rice

* ❄️ For cooling relief, place in the freezer for a minimum of 1 hour.

* 🔥For soothing warmth, place in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute (may increase time depending on the strength of the microwave).

* Size: 16" x 8" x 1" unfolded, 5.3" x 8" x 3" folded and packaged.

* Net weight: ~2.5lbs


Care Instructions: Sleeve washable on gentle cycle. Spot clean insert if needed, dry completely before use.

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