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kegg kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker
kegg kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker
kegg kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker

kegg 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker by kegg

$220 Dough VIP | $275 Retail
kegg founder: Kristina
Your purchase supports Kristina -
founder of kegg
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kegg is an intuitive fertility tracker that measures the most accurate sign to a woman’s fertile window: cervical fluid.

Shaped as a kegel ball smaller than an egg, kegg uses advanced sensing technology to track the electrolytes levels of cervical fluid—the key metric to determine the chances of conception within each menstrual cycle.

With just two minutes of testing per day, you’ll get in-depth insights on your fertile cycle in real-time via the kegg mobile app.

Unlike traditional LH tests that try to pinpoint ovulation, kegg is here to help you understand your full fertile window. When you know your fertile window, you’re 4x more likely to conceive.

founder story

Kristina had always struggled to track her fertility. Stress and travel made her cycles irregular so ovulation tests and temperature methods did nothing to reveal her fertile window. When she refused to “fix” her cycles with birth control, a fertility specialist suggested she track her vaginal fluids.

Then, she learned there was no technology to help. Now, Kristina has created the world’s first intuitive, stress-free fertility tracker that quickly and easily monitors cervical fluid. Fertility is not only good for making babies. In reality, it's the rhythm of our being, our fifth vital sign.


In the box:
• keggᵀᴹ 2-in-1 fertility tracker
• Complete charging set
• User Manual

• Free mobile app access, no subscription required
• Membership in a private community
• Online chat support 7 days a week

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