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Lordess Anoud Oxfords
Lordess Anoud Oxfords
Lordess Anoud Oxfords
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Anoud Oxfords by Lordess

$240 Dough VIP | $300 Retail
Lordess founder: Ezgi
Your purchase supports Ezgi -
founder of Lordess
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Inspired by rose gold; Anoud couples vintage hues of copper with a soft shade of light pink for the ultimate feminine look.

Anoud comes with two shoelaces for a versatile look:
(1) Classic, Waxed Laces in Cream
(2) Velvet Laces in Soft Peach

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Ethically Made|Handmade|Not on Amazon

founder story

Say hello to Ezgi ๐Ÿ‘‹ Overwhelmed by the fast-paced abundance in the footwear world she still felt she had to choose between comfort, style, or quality. As a mindful consumer who prefers having versatile wardrobe staples rather than endless options to choose from, she set to launch Lordess, a limited-edition, limited-release, handcrafted line of versatile footwear. Lordess supports slow fashion and brings style, comfort, and love of craftswork to the forefront.


(1) Genuine leather for the insole, lining, and upper
(2) Italian nubuck leather for the outsole
(3) Two versatile shoelaces, so you can easily switch up your style
(4) A small elastic is sewn at the ankle collar/counter to prevent any potential blistering or skin damage
(5) A raised strip of padding in the center insole for increased arch support, comfort and overall, a better fit
(6) Upper-leather that does not exceed 1.1mm in thickness to provide softness and comfort, while ensuring durability

Due to the nature of genuine leather, each Lordess pair will slowly start taking the shape of your feet, while the upper leather continues to soften- making your new pair more comfortable and naturally customized for your feet with each wear.

Every Lordess pairโ€™s genuine leather outsole has a thin, clear protective seal. Simply pull the strip off before wearing your new pair outdoors. Returns with the missing protective seal will not be refunded.


To make sure your Lordess lasts:
(1) Be sure to always store your footwear away from light and heat.
(2) When not in use, store your footwear in the Lordess dust bag provided.
(3) Keep leather surface clean and dry โ€“using a dry, soft cloth.
(4) Protect from rain and humidity.
(5) Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.
(6) Find a trustworthy cobbler.

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