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underbares the black everyday bra
underbares the black everyday bra
underbares the black everyday bra
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the black everyday bra by underbares

$35.20 Dough VIP | $44 Retail
underbares founder: Genevieve
Your purchase supports Genevieve -
founder of underbares
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Imagine not tripping over yourself (or your dog, cat, and/or iguana) in a rush to rip your bra off when you get home from work? underbares believes that less is more and celebrates your natural shape. Designed using soft, stretchy elastic, the everyday bra offers sizing flexibility since there are no wires, hooks, or adjustable straps. Pull it over your head and get on with your life. It's about time we found a bra we can live in comfortably.

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Eco-Friendly|Ethically Made

founder story

Say hello to Genevieve โœจ When Genevieve got home after a long day at work the first thing she would do was take off her bra. Sound familiar, changemakers? She struggled to find a bra that fit her personality and one day she decided to create her own. This inspired her to launch underbares, her line of chic, pared-down undergarments ethically made in the USA. Plus all of their packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.


Slip on an undergarment thoughtfully designed with coral-patterned stretch lace for the perfect amount of coverage and constructed with elastic to comfortably fit your shape. We are pro soft lace, stretchy elastic, and chic design. designed in DC, made in the USA.

92% nylon, 8% spandex.


For best results, hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.

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