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Native State Foods Cacao Coconut Superfood Bites
Native State Foods Cacao Coconut Superfood Bites
Native State Foods Cacao Coconut Superfood Bites
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Cacao Coconut Superfood Bites by Native State Foods

$19.96 Dough VIP | $24.95 Retail
Native State Foods founder: Angela
Your purchase supports Angela -
founder of Native State Foods


8 Pack

Organic Superfood bites that are tasty and functional. Native State Foods' Cacao Coconut Bites are made with 10 ancient superfoods, carefully curated from around the world to deliver a natural energy boost and a balance of nutrients your body needs to feel its best.

With a warm chocolatey flavor and a creamy almond butter center, each poppable bite includes a powerhouse of fruits, dates, nuts, and are infused with these key superfoods that support energy, immunity, recovery, and overall wellness.

values & communities

Eco-Friendly|Ethically Made|Made in USA|Not on Faire|Organic|Vegan

founder story

Say hello to Angela 👋 She kickstarted her career traveling the world while sourcing ingredients for big food companies. On her travels, she witnessed first hand the daily struggles of small farmers working to earn fair wages. She was determined to help.

Angela founded Native State to bring unique indigenous superfoods to market while providing support to small farming communities across the globe.


Key highlights: cacao, turmeric, maca, pinole

A great afternoon boost:
(1) Perfect boost of daily nutrition in each pack
(2) Made with organic whole ingredients for maximum bioavailability and absorption of key nutrients
(3) High protein
(4) Antioxidants (rich in polyphenols)
(5) Mood support
(6) Vitamins and minerals from ancient superfoods
(7) Always sustainably and responsibly sourced
(8) Fresh & tasty

100% Plant-based. Organic. High Protein. Fiber. Gluten-Free. Non-GMO. Kosher. All Natural.


Trick: Try storing them in the refrigerator. Not required but delicious!

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